Fitness for Original’s is a category that gives you fun fitness ideas. We review those viral fitness videos and tell you if those 5 minute workouts actually work. You can also follow our 1 minute workout challenge that is a challenge between you and workout.

Workout is made fun for original’s. Don’t dread gym days. We make it fun and something you will want to do. Furthermore don’t waste anymore time on working out on exercises that don’t work. Here you can find out what exercises work each area you want.

A workout can be fun. Because wasting your time is not worth it anymore. In conclusion embrace your body and embrace yourself. Most importantly working out is for your physical and mental health. Live your days the way you want feeling more refreshed and more energetic when you embrace working out. Live everyday in an original state of mind and be yourself everyday.

Push-Up Fitness Challenge

August 28, 2017 // 0 Comments

My push-up fitness challenge is a on minute challenge that literally takes one minute a day. You read that right too. For one minute I challenge you to do as many push-ups as [...]

Fitness Tips for Moms

February 14, 2017 // 1 Comment

Working out and healthy eating was something I didn’t do until about 10 years ago when a health scare made me wise in evaluating how I looked after myself. I started [...]