Guardians by Lola StVil Book Review

The Guardians Book REVIEW

The Guardians by Lola Stvil Book Review

Guardians by Lola StVil Book Review

Guardians by Lola StVil book review.
This novel is a young adult fantasy novel centering around the main characters of Emerson and Marcus. The novel takes place in New York City. It centers around Emerson a human and Marcus an angel known as a Guardian. The book itself tells the story of how Emerson is now apart of the angel world. And how Marcus and his group of angels now protecting her from harmful creatures in the angel world.
I give this book a 1 star rating out of 5.

The book is very random. There are so many different characters and aspects of who they are in the book that it leaves you often confused. I felt like I needed a dictionary of all the different types of beings there were in the book so I could remember who was who. The main character Emerson, pines for Marcus who already is technically married in the angel world to Meana. I felt like the story of the angels and the humans got lost in the immature nature of Emerson just pining for Marcus throughout the entire novel. The ending even doesn’t resolve if she is with him or not.

Emerson also plays the victim throughout the entire book always getting hurt and in the hospital almost every chapter. I really disliked the fact that once into the fourth or fifth chapter the book changes point of view to Marcus and takes you all the way back to the beginning of the book but from HIS prospective. I thought it was unnecessary and confusing. At that point I almost didn’t finish the book because of it. Emerson herself I felt could have been more mature and each chapter took a whole new direction about how she loves Marcus vs. the main plot of saving the world and saving humanity.

In conclusion, this is definitely not a book on the top of my list. There are other books in the series, but after reading the first book I don’t think I will continue.
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