Vampirina Ballerina Children’s Book Review

Vampirina Ballerina Children's Book Review

Vampirina Ballerina Children's Book Review

Vampirina Ballerina Children’s Book

Vampirina Ballerina
by Anne Marie Pace and illustrated by LeUyen Pham is a marvelous and refreshing children’s  book. It is about a cute little vampire girl who wants to be a ballerina. She finds a dance school taught by Madame Sang and works hard to fit in. It is not easy being a little vampire that has fangs and occasionally turns into a bat. Through practice and hard work the cute, little goth vampirina shines at the recital.

My three year old loved this book and adored this children’s book. The illustrations are amazingly cute, friendly, and adorable, grabbing my little girl’s attention. I give this book an Original 5 star rating and would put it on a “must read” for all little girls between ages 3 to 8. It gives practical advice about ballet and working hard. Vampirina Ballerina does a great job of teaching the reader that it is ok to be different and still be excepted by their peers. Vampirina Ballerina is coming to Disney Junior soon!
In conclusion this children’s book will be your child’s favorite to read. Because of the unique story and fun illustrations this is a new October favorite.
Tamara, Founder 

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