Smile Big and Smile Strong Inspirational

Smile Big and Smile Strong

Smile Big and Smile Strong Inspirational

Smile Big and Smile Strong Inspirational: The OGP (Original Piece Program) is a great program to motivate your soul. We motivate our bodies to stay healthy, but one area that most people fail to motivate is their soul. You may be asking what is our soul and why do I need to motivate it? The soul is the spiritual, immortal part of you. Your soul is important and is responsible for health, healing, happiness, and keeping yourself looking young inside and out. The more you motivate your soul the stronger your relationship with God will be.
This week’s soul motivator is your smile. When you go to work or when you go shopping who smiles anymore? Everyone is busy doing something or preoccupied with something or someone that is important to them. However, the most important thing we all can be preoccupied with is God. If God were walking right beside you, down the street or sitting with you at a restaurant, would you not be smiling at everyone who saw you with God? Guess what? God is walking with you and sitting with you right now! Once you realize how special you are walking with God, your smile will merge so big and so bright that you can’t help but make a difference to love ones and strangers.
Your smile will be contagious.
It will be just what someone else needs to see to give them a little encouragement
Your smile will give your child the warmth he or she needs to be confident in school that day. It could help someone who is facing depression or loneliness.

So start smiling at everyone your soul shouts out to. Your contagious smile will just help someone else start walking with God. Just feeling God’s presences will be enough to make the whole world smile bright. Smile Big and Smile Strong because God is right beside you!


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