Now Trending: Unicorn Hair

Now Trending: Unicorn Hair

Now Trending Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair. That’s right the new trend for hair is definite multicolored hair. Whatever color your chose for your hair, it’s all about those bold, bright colors! It first started trending on the Pinterest newsfeed. The more gorgeous bold colors in your hair the better the unicorn hairstyle was. Next, it hit Instagram feeds. All of the latest makeup Instagrammers and bloggers started rocking unicorn hair.

The bolder the color, the better the hair. On the photo above from the unicorn themed photoshoot I’m rocking gorgeous multicolored hair! It had that three color hair trend completed with the headband. Overall, I love the new hair trend. It’s fresh and you can mix and match any color for the season. Don’t limit this hair trend to just bright colors you can mix in burgundy navy!

It’s unique and definitely something that makes a bold statement. The key is to get that three step bold color. Because of all the processing of colors needed I recommend trying the hair chalk or a washout color. That way if you want to change you hair you can. It’s so easy! See more on my Instagram page!

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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