The Unicorn Trend

The Unicorn Trend Photoshoot

The Unicorn Trend

It’s here the unicorn trend has struck. I did a themed photoshoot and it had everything unicorn! I got the most messages about my dress and the unicorn tears purse. Yes, it is a purse not an actual cup!

This is one of my favorite photoshoot themes! Today I’m featuring the Unicorn Tears purse that got so much social media attention. It has the bright colors and long strap to drape over any look your rocking. This purse can make any everyday outfit ‘pop.’

For the photoshoot I had the themed dress and I did my makeup muli-color using the Pur Cosmetics My Little Pony palette. Because it is definitely magical everyday. It’s a definite original outfit that I love. The purse below is just as magical in person too.

In conclusion I’m a fan of this trend. It’s magical and you can make any outfit magical. Because it’s time to bring your original twist to your outfit. I loved doing this photoshoot with Ralphi’s Photography. She brought her own original twist with photography with this magical themed. Overall it is one of my favorite photoshoots ever!
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