Meet Marina Joy a True Original Artist

Meet Marina Joy a True Original Artist

I first saw Marina Joy’s work on Instagram a few months ago when I was scrolling through my ‘popular page.’ Upon stumbling upon the drawing of Riverdale Betty Cooper’s played by Lili Reinhart and thought it was stunning. I loved how the artist sketched and added the detail in the photo.

Immediately direct messaged Marina Joy’s instagram page @ PrettyLittleArtist_ about doing a sketch for myself. Because she was the first artist on Instagram that really grabbed my attention. Marina captures details and uses her mix of ink/graphite, color pencils, and pastels to capture an original sketch of people. It is so interesting to see how someone can capture what you don’t necessarily see in yourself.

I’m a huge fan of Marina Joy’s work and I love how she is such an amazing original. She isn’t afraid to be herself and express her talent sketching people, celebrities, animals, and more. If you are looking for an amazing sketch definitely Marina Joy’s work is the one you should check out.

Because of her unique eye this is an artist that does amazing work. Be sure to check-out her instagram page by clicking the images above. Contact her on her official wordpress site by CLICKING HERE.
See more on her Instagram and website! A true original with an amazing talent!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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