Inspirational: Happiness Keeps the Soul Strong


Inspirational Happiness Keeps the Soul Strong

Inspirational Happiness keeps the soul strong. We motivate our bodies to stay healthy, but one area that most people fail to motivate is their soul. You may be asking what is our soul and why do I need to motivate it? The soul is the spiritual, immortal part of you. Your soul is important and is responsible for health, healing, happiness, and keeping yourself looking young inside and out. The more you motivate your soul the stronger your relationship with God will be.

That is why it is very important to motivate your soul and OGP helps you do that by giving you one simple motivation to follow throughout each week.

The OGP (Original Piece Program) is a great program to motivate your soul. OGP is a lifestyle motivational program that you practice throughout the day, week, year, and throughout your life. This program will keep your soul at optimal health.

The simple motivation this week is Happiness. Happiness is a point of view. Happiness is a choice. What makes one person happy does not necessarily make someone else feel happy too. There are certain benefits to living a happy lifestyle. Our physical well-being is related to how happy we are. Mentally, we tend to have a more positive outlook on life if we are happy. Emotionally, if we are happy we love more.

You may wonder how can I remain happy when someone just ran into the back of my brand new car? Train yourself to first think. “I am happy I walked away with no scraps or bruises!”

I studied for my test and got a ‘C’ and I am disappointed I did not get an ‘A.’ Be happy that you did not fail. Give yourself credit, the test may have just been really difficult.

Happiness is a way of life that keeps your soul strong. It is easy to look at the downside of life, but when you catch yourself doing this just think the reverse and see life get brighter. I know we have trials and all situations are not happy and ecstatic, but if you have a happy soul going through the rough patches is easier. God loves when you see the world that He created and made just for you. Happiness brings Love and God is a Loving God.

This Week on OGP routine get in the habit of this:

-Make a conscious effort to Smile more, it warms your soul.

-Listen to music. Music wakes up your soul.

-Cheer someone else up that may be struggling. Passing on happiness is addicting.

If you catch yourself feeling mad, sad, or depressed about something just use one of the OGP exercises mentioned above. It may not solve all your woes, but it will give your soul the strength to go into action to see you through!

The OGP weekly prayer is:  “Father God thank-you for bringing me through this situation. Most of all if I feel uneasy I will not dwell on what I can’t control but look for the signs and wonders you have provided for me to give me encouragement and happiness. My happiness is what makes you satisfied and gives you the assurance that I appreciate this wonderful life that Jesus provided for me.” Amen
(John 3:16)
In conclusion start your week off inspired. Because happiness is essential to your soul. Therefore spend your week happy. Especially relevant is the need for prayer in your day to day routine. Because of this spend a moment and follow the steps above. In conclusion use this week’s exercise. Because if you do your soul will benefit.

Have A Blessed Week and Be Happy!

Tamara, Founder

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