Spiritual Motivation

Tamara, Founder of Original Piece

Week 1 of Spiritual Motivation: Thinking of Thankfulness:

We motivate our bodies to stay healthy, but one area that most people fail to motivate is their soul. You may be asking what is our soul and why do I need to motivate it? The soul is the spiritual, immortal part of you. Your soul is important and is responsible for health, healing, happiness, and keeping yourself looking young inside and out. The more you motivate your soul the stronger your relationship with God will be.

That is why it is very important to motivate your soul and OGP helps you do that by giving you one simple motivation to follow throughout each week.

The OGP (Original Piece Program) is a great program to motivate your soul. The program is not meant to replace your physical workouts. The OGP Program is meant to support your workouts and give your body optimal health, healing, happiness, and youth. OGP is a lifestyle motivational program that you practice throughout the day, week, year, and throughout your life. This program will keep your soul at optimal health.

If we get a job promotion, good grades in school, or a good medical report we often say, “I worked hard for this promotion and I deserve it because the boss finally recognized me.” No, without God working ahead and making sure you stood out you would not have gotten that promotion.

We say, “I got 100% on my research paper because I studied hard and I deserved it.” No, God gave you the intelligence and ambition to work hard to achieve that good grade.

“Well, I got a good medical report because I watch what I eat and exercise everyday.” No, you received a good report because the Holy Spirt had been pushing you along to keep your physical body in good condition.

Instead of thanking yourself and giving all the credit to your good efforts we need to thank God. We need to get in the habit of thanking God first for all the good things that happen to us in our daily lives. When you are driving, sitting, or just thinking about the day, take a moment and thank God. Get in the habit of thanking Him first and often. God likes it when we recognize that He is in control. When we appreciate all He does for us.

So this week your OGP motivational goals is to get in the habit of:

-Thank God first 

-Thanking God often

-Thank God BIG

If you catch yourself thanking someone else first correct yourself and quietly say, “Father God you are an awesome God and I thank-you for….” Your soul will receive the rewards of this motivation and in return you will thrive as you become closer to God.

Next week’s OGP exercise will be on Happiness.

Love Original!
Tamara, Founder

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