Pur My Little Pony Palette

Pur My Little Pony Palette just launched at Ulta and as soon as I saw it I loved it. At first, this palette looks a little too bold. But once you see the neutrals mixed in with those bold colors it is gorgeous! This palette comes with 16 shades all of which are unique and gorgeous on their own. It’s like riding into Equestria with all the bold colors and names of shadows.

The colors I used today was a wide variety to achieve this look. The one thing that is my favorite part of this palette however, is there is hardly any fallout and the colors are super pigmented. You don’t have to keep applying the colors to achieve a bold look, the look I’m rocking required only one coat from the brush!

A color I used on my lid to start was Rarity so the bright colors would stand out. I then mixed Generosity and Laughter into the crease of my eye and into the outer corners. Then I look Pinkie Pie and applied the bold pink into the outer and inner corner of my eye. I then added it into the bottom of my eye.

Next came the Rainbow Dash color hue that I applied with my finger just in the center of my lid and underneath my eye. This really gave this My Little Pony look a fun ‘pop’ of gorgeous color.

Overall, this palette is a 10/10. The pigmented shades and bright colors ensure a fun color mix. Beauty’s Pur My Little Pony Palette is the first I’ve tried from the brand and I was very impressed. The colors are sensitive on my eyes and the shimmers have just enough shine to this makeup look.

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– xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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  1. that palette is super cute but just doesn’t appeal to me! the shades they put in are a weird combination x


    • OriginalPieceMag // August 24, 2017 at 9:56 PM // Reply

      Once you put the colors on they are really gorgeous and actually go together really nice on your eye!! xoxo

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