Iridescent Lips from Maybelline and Urban Decay

Iridescent Lips from Maybelline and Urban Decay

The secret to my iridescent lips from maybelline and urban decay? Today I decided to try something new on my lips. On my eyes I did my signature Too Faced Eyeshadow look and decided to add a ‘pop’ on my lips. I decided to use the Maybelline Orchid Ecstasy. I then applied the Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Lip top coat in White Lie. I applied it only in the center of my lips.

I decided not to do the color throughout the edges of my lips to give my lips that special effects shimmer just in the center! I have to say this is my new favorite lip combo. The iridescent effect is amazing and I get so many compliments. Combining two colors is a favorite of mine.

I decided to try something original and I’ve seen before and it worked! The combo for Friday I love and with my neutral eye. I went for my signature Too Faced Sweet Peach palette on my eyes and underneath I went for the purple Delectable!
In conclusion it is time to mix up your makeup look. Pick your two favorite items and combine them. Because you may be surprised how amazing they end up looking! Therefore step our of your comfort zone. It’s time to be surprised. Because it may surprise you like it did me. In conclusion jumpstart your makeup iridescent trend.
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-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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  1. This looks great 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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