Miss Photographer Meets Miss Spa

Every photographer knows that in order to get a beautiful sunrise, you have to be an early bird. It is a must rule for photographers to arrive at a sunrise location 30 minutes before the sun comes up so you can scope out the location, set up, check your settings,and most importantly get there before any other photographer to get the ‘good’ spot to get ‘the shot.’ It is exhausting, but worth it. I don’t think people understand the physical and mental part of photography that photographers face. People look at your photos and think it’s easy, probably because you make it look easy. It is a lot of pressure to get a good shot, especially if you are on a hired job. But photography is a passion and I love every minute of it, even the early mornings! But those early mornings can catch up to me. Just this morning I went out for a sunrise down at the beach, just because I haven’t shot the ocean in the summertime of this year yet. Sunrise only lasts a few minutes so you have a minimum amount of time to get the shot, which is even more pressure LOL! So you get up an hour before the sunset and it only last a few minutes!!! But then that sun comes up, and you start photographing in once you get in the zone, it feels like an hour goes by.
When I get home I can’t go back to sleep because once I’m up, I’m up! Anyone could probably relate to that… So to wake myself up and to get relaxed after an early morning sunrise, I use Miss Spa facemask. It is such a great product that gives you such smooth and hydrating skin. When you put it on it is super cold, which feels sooooo gooood!!!!… It has a very nice scent to it too! The mask is round with cut outs around your mouth and eyes, the mask feels like a wet cotton ball. You leave it on for 20 minutes then take off. There will be the product from the mask still on your face, but I leave it on for a while then wash it off. It leaves an afterglow and depending on which one you get; it leaves a little bit of sparkle. I think there are 5 different ones to get. They are at Target NOW for Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! Today, I used the Exfoliate one (in the pink). I really liked it. The only think I would suggest is when you do the masks make sure you are wearing your pajamas or a t shirt because they do drip. It was a great way to start the day after an early morning sunrise! So for anyone lady nature or landscape photographer out there, this is a perfect treatment to come back from a sunrise! Once the mask is done, its time to edit those shots!

You can go add me on SnapChat @RalphiReign where you can watch and see the Little Spa mask in action!

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  1. Wow, holding 1D one handed. You’re strong, girl 😋😍

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