Make This Summer Unforgetable

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today marks the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!!! That means beach days and 100 degrees here in Florida. But is also mean many rainy days! ๐Ÿ™ I love doing sunrises at the beach in summertime and also photographing sunsets because the most beautiful colors come out during the summertime. This photo is kinda special because it is of the Jacksonville Beach Pier, which no longer looks like this anymore because of when Hurricane Matthew hit the Florida coast last October. The pier still hasn’t been rebuilt yet. It is the first summer with no famous Jax Pier since Hurricane Floyd in 1999. I shot this photo probably 2 years ago. I have shot photos of the damage from the hurricane, but not at sunrise yet. Hopefully our pier will soon be back!
This is one of my favorite photos I have shot of the pier because of the color of the water. I have never seen the waters turn purple through the camera before. Long exposures are a magical thing that the camera performs! It is probably my most favorite techniques to use in photography.
Hope everyone gets to the beach and enjoys the first day of summer!

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