Miracles Are Always Happening

Happy Monday! Here is today’s inspirational from the Great Smoky Mountains. Summer is a beautiful month to be in the Smokies. There is so much greenery for stream shooting, flowers blooming, and many animals out like bears and elk. This spider web was in between the fences that lay across one of the paths of Cades Cove.
This was shot in the early morning right after sunrise, which caused the little web to be back lit. This was actually not shot with a macro lens, it was shot with a telephoto lens with no extension tubes!!!! It was shot in a low F stop with a 18-135mm lens on a tripod. The inspirational message in today’s photo is a quote by Davene Taylor “In all chaos, miracles are always happening.” When there is something going wrong there is always something good to look for that is there.

Hope everyone enjoys their week!

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