Enchanting Immortal Tears Lips: Beauty Dupe

Everyone knows it’s all about unicorns this year in makeup. From glosses to highlighters to shadows and more. The more iridescent your look is the more ‘in-trend,’ you are.
BUT with the trend usually comes a price to pay. That’s right, joining the unicorn trend isn’t cheap! BUT for you I found a beauty dupe!

This Wet N Wild Megalast Iridescent lip color is ONLY $3.99! It’s iridencet and unicorn themed so you are instantly in-trend!
The color I’m featuring today is called Immortal Tears and I have to say it’s so easy to apply. You don’t need a base coast to achieve this smooth lip look. Plus, you instantly get that 3d iridescent lip color effect that everyone will envy. PLUS, you save so much with it only being $3! Right now, this lip color is sold out online but check back on there sight. With this exclusive edition selling out in ONE day it will be interesting to see if they listen to the demand and restock this HIGH demand collection. Let’s face it, this collection is gorgeous on and looks just like makeup you would purchase for 100’s!
Overall, this lipstick is my new favorite! ONLY being $3.99 and unicorn theme, I can’t go wrong! It swatches and looks just like it does online which is another plus. It accurately advertises which I love when it comes to makeup!
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-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

2 Comments on Enchanting Immortal Tears Lips: Beauty Dupe

  1. This is such a pretty colour!

  2. So cute! I need to try ASAP 😀 xx

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