Hemline Theory 

Skirt lengths have been coming back down over the last couple of years. Some fashion historians believe the economy dictates the length of the skirt hemline. When the economy is booming the hemlines are short and when the economy shows less confidence and fear the hemlines drop.  The Hemline Theory has been around for decades and there appears to be truth to the theory, especially comparing hemlines of the 1920s flapper girls and 1960s mini skirts.
It does not hold up in today’s fashion industry because women have become more casual and fashion trends less important. So the question is whether there is any truth to the Hemline Theory? The answer is probably not. In times where people experience hardship the fashion industry would want to save on material by rising hemlines, not using more material to lower the hemline.
Hemlines and the economy are fun to watch, but in my opinion hemline length has to do with how women feel about themselves and how empowering they want to be. It is fun to see fashion change but the fashion designers do not get with the stockbrokers to decide the hemline length. So even though the hemlines have been coming backdown we can be rest assured it is only a fashion trend and not an economical trend.

-Tamara, Founder

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