Bewitching Memorial Day Nails

I decided to do my nails to show my American pride for Memorial Day.
FI decided to get the Nailbliss Magic press nails again from Sally’s, but this time I got the Bewitching edition nails. They are bright red with accent sparkle nails, which is perfect for Memorial Day Weekend. The bold red is really shiny and bold.
I have to say I LOVE these. My nails have grown out a little since last time, so now they really do look like acrylic nails. I love these nails because they are really shiny and look like the acrylic nails. They stick on and stay for at least a week. You simply cut them to your actual nail and your done!
You don’t have to wait for them to dry or anything. It’s a simple press, stick, and done process.
I’m a huge Nailbliss girl, because it eliminates nail salon costs and my nails look just like I went and got them done progressional. These nail sets are only $8 and they had a special buy 2, get 1 free so for 3 sets it was only $16! I LOVE the Bewitching nails! I haven’t had red nails before and I love the added sparkle. Especially for Memorial Day Weekend!
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  1. So cute !! I love the glitter

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