Wet n Wild at the Beach

It is no secret that Wet n Wild is one of my favorite drugstore make-up brands. I like their quality for the money and they stay “in fashion” in the make-up industry with their competitors.  I wanted some neutral colors and found this palette for $6.99 at Walmart.
I wanted natural colors to wear out to the beach this summer and liked Wet n Wild’s neutral browns. I have to be careful with brown eyes the color pigment in the brown eyeshadows is rich because some brown shades can make my eyes look tired if there is to much taupe or grey added to the pigment.
This palette is great because it gives me 10 shadows, some matte, pearl, or sparkles to play with. One thing about Wet n Wild shadows is they last and do not fade out throughout the day. I love my new palette because I got value, a great size palette, and I did not spend a fortune for my beachwear makeup look.

-Tamara, Founder

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