Lip Balm that is all the Balm!

For $6 you can get a really good high quality lip balm by Sephora. These lip balms are designed to make your lips feel moisturized and smooth. Lips are usually the last thing we think of to treat on our face, but with these cool lip balms and scrubs it can become part of your beauty treatment. With winter over and the beach and pool days are ahead the sun can dry your lips out and these lip balms will keep your lips in check!
What I like about these balms is the awesome scents and smooth texture. I do not want to wipe the balm off my lips. I got the Rose Lip Balm to try first and now I am hooked and going back to add get so more because they work!

-Gina, Writer

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  1. I did a post on the honey lip scrub! I’ll share the link. They are truly the best!! 🙌🏼
    XOXO Brigite.

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