Why I designed my Faith-Based Jewelry Line

Fourth Dimension Jewelry by Original Piece is a jewelry line I created and designed as a reminder that you are never alone in good times or in times of trial. I am a mother of 7 beautiful children, the owner of Original Piece, and a breast cancer survivor. I was Victorious after beating breast cancer and am blessed to be able to show the world it doesn’t have to stop you from your dreams.

After overcoming cancer, I wanted to create a legacy for all my kids, which is why I founded Original Piece. Life has been a journey, which is why I created the Journey Gbead. Everything I create with the Fourth-Dimension Jewelry and with Original Piece always comes to me after prayer. That is how the 7 Day Gbead that stands for resting in His grace, came to be designed. I love hearing the stories of our customers when they come in and purchase one of these pieces. These are truly a gift I designed that never stops giving.

You can glance at your wrist and know you are never alone. It might just give you the nudge to take the Leap of Faith you needed all along. The one thing I believe too is we are all Original’s. We are each here to serve a different purpose and spread His message in our own way. Let Heaven’s Light guide you in your path and know your Guardian Angel is always by you as well, protecting you from things you might not even realize. When you purchase a Fourth Dimension Gbead I encourage you to get Active in Faith and always remember His grace is upon your life. I encourage everyone to start your journey and embrace His Living Water and begin your new adventure of your life. Make your way to the Pearly Gates and #SpreadTheFaith Have a blessed day and thank-you for spreading the faith with your message.

-Tamara, Designer & Founder.

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