Watermelon is not Just Made of Water

Watermelon is the classic fruit you imagine eating at a barbecue on a hot day. You eat it because it cools you down and you see how far you can spit the seeds.

Well, guess what? If you only knew that watermelon is a cancer fighter, fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure, helps with muscle soreness, and helps with digestion you may eat it even in the winter months around a fire. That is not all either! Watermelon is great for our skin and hair too!

Watermelon is made up of 92% water and has lots of electrolytes which helps keeps us hydrated. Who would know that watermelon is rich in Vitamin C and Lycopene? Which helps fight against cancer by fighting free radicals. The Choline in watermelon is very healthy and helps the inflammation of muscles and nerves. The Vitamin A that is in watermelon is what keeps our skin and hair looking great.  A great snack to eat at only 42 calories in a cup.

 Here is a favorite recipe that my kids love and it is so easy to make. This recipe is from Accent Health CNN or google Accent Health Recipes. This is a great website and where I get lots of healthy and nutritious recipes for my family.


Makes: 4 Servings


 • 1 1/2 cups cubed seedless watermelon

• 1/2 cup pomegranate blueberry juice


1. Combine the watermelon and juice in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into four 3-ounce popsicle molds and freeze until firm, about 3 hours.

2. To remove the pops from the molds, run under warm water to loosen. If you don’t have popsicle molds, divide the liquid between four paper cups.

3. Cover each cup with foil, insert one craft stick through the center of each foil, and freeze.
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