My Lipstick Melted!

Nudestix Lip and Cheek has really pretty colors and is easy to glide over your lips with a built-it liner and color all-in-one. That was why I bought this lipstick, not to use on my cheeks but for the easy application and great matte, red color for my lips. It is loaded with color and has that smooth matte look I love.

However, I wore this lip color for the first time to TPC Sawgrass and it melted on my lips! I know it was hot outside but I have never had that happen! When I first arrived I was sipping a cold lemonade and my lipstick was all over the cup and that was in the air conditioning! I knew then that it was not waterproof. But when we were at the 17th hole outside watching the tournament in the heat it melted! It was Royal (red) and I had a mess and no napkin or anything to wipe it off with and it ended up all over my mouth and hands trying to wipe it off. It was an awful mess and embarrassing, especially being red, the worst color to melt on your face. I went to the restroom and scrubbed away at my now stained skin.

I do not recommend Nudestix especially if you are expecting a waterproof lipstick or kiss proof formula because it is not. Thank goodness I did not use Nudestick on my cheeks LOL!

I am giving this product a 2 out of 5 Original Piece rating.

Tamara, Founder

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