Lash Out with Lash Renegade

I was at CVS looking for a mascara to buy and came across Wet n Wild Lash Renegade. I bought it because there was one left and I thought it has to be good. I am not disappointed! I love the wand because it gives your lashes good coverage at any angle.

The tip or ball part of the wand is great for the hard to reach bottom lashes. The formula is great too! Two coats and I have nice thick long lashes. I can take pictures with no smearing from my mascara.The next time you want a great drug store mascara try Wet n Wild’s Lash Renegade for around $5.99. I give it  5 out of 5!

Ralphi, Original Piece Photographer 

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  1. I think I was to try this for the outrageous packaging 😍 your makeup looks really pretty 💜

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