Total Tease Lashes

I walked past the new display at Target that featured this CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara. I was intrigued by the packaging and the name! When I saw the bottle shape I picked up the packaging and saw the unique mascara brush and decided to try this! It was $9 and for mascara that is actually really cheap. It’s a beauty dupe I decided to see if it was worth it.
I got the Very Black color and used it today. At first, I wasn’t sure because I’ve never used anything besides my Maybelline Great lash. I first applied two coats from the long brush side. I then went through each lash with the small more refined brush and combed through my lashes. I instantly saw my lashes enhance from the brush. It gave my lashes a bold thickness I love too!

This mascara is a pick for those of you who are wanting a refined looking lash. This brush gets every lash you have and adds a refined bold color to them. I don’t use fake lashes because they tend to bother my eyes so I’m always looking for a good mascara.
If you see Total Tease, don’t tease yourself… get this while you can and give it a try!
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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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