TPC Sawgrass Outfit Pick 1

TPC Sawgrass is one of the biggest events in the Jacksonville, Florida are. Better known as ‘The Players’ this is a golf competition you don’t want to miss if you love golf! They went all out this year as I got a preview of the event when I did the Donna Deegan 5K race through The Players. They had everything set up and the scenery was gorgeous.

The extravagant tents are all air conditioned because it’s Florida and it’s really hot outside! They are all sponsored by different companies as well so each tent is different and each tent is lavish.

A lot of our customers have been coming into our Flagship location in Jacksonville, Florida and asking about what dress to wear to the event besides wearing one of our Original t-shirts for one of the days. Sam Hunt is playing a concert tomorrow at The Players and so many customers have been getting dresses to wear! The credentials are: bright colors, short-sleeve, lightweight, and comfortable! Well, we found a dress with all of those! The dress pictured above meets all of those and it even has pockets. It’s our signature palazzo pant material so it’s super lightweight and won’t wrinkle either which is amazing.
If you don’t live in the Jacksonville area you can also sign-up for our ‘Text to Shop’ Club. You simply text our store cell phone and get all the NEW Arrivals sent directly to your cell phone. You get FREE Shipping as well! Simply text us at: (904) 874-8545
It’s so easy and all of our stylist are here to help you get styled without even having to come into a store again!
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  1. Love all of the colour!

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