Velvet Kiss

Today I’m featuring the new Elf Cosmetics Velvet Rope Lipstick. It’s a moisturizing lipstick, which makes it a top pick of mine! It goes on really smooth because of the moisturizing effect this lipstick has. The Velvet Rope is a red finish with a touch of the orange/red coloring. It was perfect for my ‘SELFIE SUNDAY!’ 🙂
It’s easy to apply and take with me anywhere I got. It adds a nice touch of red to any makeup look I have. It’s easy to use for pool days too because it really hydrates my lips while leaving them smooth! It leaves your lips feeling ‘silky’ with how smooth it is on your lips.
This is definitely a summer pick for me. I love the red/orange lip color hue on my lips for summer and I love how moisturized my lips are after I apply it. I always have it with me when I go to the beach. It’s the only lipstick that stays on and leaves my lips feeling hydrated with a gorgeous summer color hue!
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