Beauty Dupe: Makeup Brush Edition

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get good quality make-up brushes. It is no surprise “Wet n Wild” is one of my favorite drug store brand make-up lines. I was recently in the Dollar Store and I saw  Wet n’ Wild make-up brushes and you guessed it they were a dollar a piece!
I usually use very expensive make-up brushes from Mac Makeup to Royal Langnickel and have spent a small fortune on them. Wet n’ Wild did it again, though, coming in first for the quality for the money. I got 3 brushes for $3!  They have good brissels and my favorite part of the brushes are the wands because there is a groove that is a great place to hold for your thumb, giving you better control of the brush. Wet n’ Wild make-up brushes are my everyday favorite make-up brush picks now!
You save so much for just as good as quality!

Tamara, Founder

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