Active in Faith

My Active Faith GBead is designed for anyone who loves sports, working out, or competition of any kind. They are made with rubber beads, jade and our signature olive wood beads from Bethlehem.

Active Faith is a GBead designed to reassure you that with any outcome you are not alone, whether it be winning a tournament, game, or race, it is God’s favor on you. God blesses you and Active Faith reminds you to stay in faith all the time.

God already knows the outcome to all your victories.

What about the disappointments of losing? Was God with me? Sometimes we think that only if we would have trained harder we would have won. Sometimes we feel we need to push ourselves harder to measure up. If we lose a game, race, or personal goal we blame ourselves for failing.

Just because you lose a tournament, game, race or personal goal does not mean God left you behind and did not want you win. That is not what God wants you to think of him. God will never leave you in the dust. He does know how hard you may have trained and prepared. Don’t forget he planted that seed in you to win but it may not have been your time. God may have other plans in store and this is when your faith really kicks in and God likes that! He likes you putting all your faith into your passion. Training and preparing for what you want strengthens you and gives you more discipline. This allows you to persevere, win, and win bigger then you could have ever imagine!

Working hard in your faith training is like the training the athletes go through everyday to win physically.

How perfect is our God knowing an athlete trains for his win and never gives up? This is the same training we use in our faith training too!

I am not athlete but I do experience wins and loses, whether it be in personal workouts or in the business world. I designed my own training guide to keep my faith strong.

                                             My Everyday Faith Training Guide:

    -Train and Strengthen my faith daily.

      -Work Hard to live spiritually.

    -Push myself even when it gets hard and feels impossible.

    -Stay Passionate all the time about life.

    -Be Thankful to God.

    -Focus on Jesus.


Fourth Dimension Active Faith Bracelet by Original Piece is designed to keep the win going in your heart.

God makes sure we all win and win BIG!

Timothy 4:7  “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith”.

-Tamara, Founder

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