Officially a Huda Beauty Girl

It’s OFFICIAL I’m a HUDA Beauty Girl! I saw this palette about a month ago when someone I know got it. I watched it absolutely loved all the metallic colors! I waited too long and the palette sold out on and was sold out in-store. So I was officially out of luck!
I wanted to order it online but for those who aren’t familiar with Huda she is based out of Dubai so I could’ve had to pay a lot in shipping!
I just so happened to walk into Sephora yesterday by where I live and I decided to get something new. I took a leap of faith and decided to walk back to the display area of Huda, thinking it most definitely would be out of stock. After all, I have seriously been checking every single day for this palette.
To my surprised they still have 3 left and I instantly grabbed it!
I am so glad I did. This palette is a 10 out of 10! The 3D metals in the palette, deep matte eyeshadows, and pressed pearls are amazing on. They stay on and show up on your eyes, which is amazing. I love this palette because it actually is a look anyone can achieve and look like a makeup artist on INSTA.
Today I am wearing the Rose Gold on my lids and above I mixed the Flamingo with Black Truffle and finished it off with Bossy overtop. I have to say I LOVE this look! Underneath I used Black Truffle again and added Rose Gold to achieve that finished look.

See more on my INSTA but this is my first HUDA look and I absolutely LOVE it. It is my new favorite eyeshadow to use! Above is a photo of the entire palette!

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xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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