How I Get My Eyelashes to Look Full

We all have features we think are our best qualities and our worst. Most of the time we are way to hard on ourselves but for me it is my eyelashes that give me trouble. They are straight, short, and light making them invisible.

Mascaras are not created equally. I have tried many many mascaras to help make my eyelashes long, thick, and full. Most are not what they promise, especially the drug store brands that have such good ads that make you really believe your lashes can look terrific! There are three brands I use that help me achieve long, full, dark lashes. Sometimes I use all three at the same time and layer them on my lashes.

I love Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara for its one stroke of color and gives me instant fullness. I also use Laura Geller Glam Lash for length and Doll 10 Effort Lash for volume and more thickness. I will never have the lashes I want but these three brands used individually or all together help my problem lashes look their best!

Tamara, Founder

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