Make A Wish, Baby!

I bet no one knew that Original Piece started out selling candles. Our first business was Wish It Candle Company, where wishes come true. Our candles are 100% soy candles and eco-friendly for the environment.
We quickly found out candles are a hard business to start in and make a profit at. Wish-It candles became a seasonal business instead of our main business. We never gave up on our candles and neither did our customers. We have gotten so many requests to bring them back and make them available all year instead of only at Christmas. Our customers buy them for gifts as well as for themselves. We brought back our spring scents and will launch our summer fragrances at the end of June.

Available in-store now and online next week on our updated site ! They are $18.00 Buy One Get One 50% Off for a 10 ounce jar. Buy one or two and Wish It!

-Tamara, Founder

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