I Am Fearless Fuschia

Fearless Fuschia Infallible Lip Paint is my new favorite color to wear on my lips! I love the L’Oreal infallible lip glosses because the color comes out amazing and they are really to easy to put on! They don’t dry out your lips and you get that gloss effect all-in-one! This paint is also easy to put in any purse I have.
The lip paints are $7.99 but definitely worth it! This gloss finishes off my makeup look and makes it complete. It gives my look a fun ‘pop,’ of color that I absolutely LOVE! The pink is bold for spring, and you know me I love hot pink lip hues!
This gloss smells amazing too, which is always a plus! It also leaves my lips feeling fuller then they are, which is another reason I love this gloss. It makes me feel confident knowing my lips have a gorgeous hue, are glossy, and plump looking.

This is definitely my spring lip pick! I love how it finished off today’s makeup look and it matched my dress I got from Original Piece!
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-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

5 Comments on I Am Fearless Fuschia

  1. Fearless and stunning at that! Such a great color on you and perfect for the upcoming seasons! Great post and blog babe ✨💄💖

  2. Fearless and stunning at that! Such a gorgeous shade on you and perfect for the upcoming seasons. Great post and blog babe ✨💄💖

  3. The Infallible line is really hitting it out of the park! That’s a great color on you! 💕

  4. Love all your makeup! Fuschia has always been my favorite shade x

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