Where’s the Excitement at?

I used to love getting my Birtchbox in the mail, but the last two times I have been disappointed. They stopped wrapping tissue paper around the products, making the products look less inviting, just laying the samples in the box on black foam.

The product samples are really small and nothing is jumping out at me to get excited about and buy anymore. In this month’s box I do like the color of the GRLPWR Lip Liquid Lipstick, however it tastes like perfume on my lips. The Benefit POREfessional may also be a winner but I have not tried it yet.

Birchbox MEN cost a little more a month but I feel it is much more exciting then the women’s box.

I do not want to cancel my subscription because I don’t want to give up on that little affordable present I look forward to in the mail every month.

Birtchbox Women needs to be more like Birtchbox Men even if it cost a little more!
-Tamara, Founder

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