The Great Gatsby

Yes, Gatsby has gotten so much bigger than when I first got him. We just got in the new summer fling Gatsby collection by Original Piece and can you tell he’s excited?
I was so excited to wear our new Hot Pink Hawaiian Tank and the Great Gatsby was excited too. He was playing outdoors when he stood up on my shoulder and before I knew it this candid shot of him with his tongue was taken.
Gatsby is the mascot behind our Original Piece brand. The overall message of our Gatsby line is to Be Yourself Everyday. Dare to be Different when you wear our Gatsby tee because not one dalmatian is spotted the same just like none of us are the same. Embrace who you are, the Great Gatsby does.

He was born with a spotted ear, and according to dalmatian rescue organizations, breeders kiss the pups born with spots because it ‘isn’t good for breeding.’ But we embraced who Gatsby born to be. He is also a chocolate dalmatian, so he is even more ‘original.’
I love Gatsby, dalmatians definitely have a ton of energy but he is so sweet and always smiles when the camera is on him!
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-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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