Shea Moisture MEN

Men are finally starting to get a choice in body soaps and grooming products. For so long their aisle consisted of Old Spice and Axe. Beauty companies ignored the fact that just maybe men would like to have choices in grooming products and have good quality ingredients to choose from.

We found another product for men that has just that, 4 in 1 all over wash by Shea Moisture MEN. This product has shampoo, conditioner, cleansing, and moisturizer all in one. No hassle having to deal with different products, which is great for the gym bag! Shea Moisture MEN also has no paragons, no sulfates, no mineral oils, and no animal testing. It comes in great scents like Smokey Manhattan, Havana Hurricane, and Bourbon Commodore. Made in the USA!

Available at Target for $7.99

-Gina, Writer

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