ORLY Sec ‘N Dry Topcoat Review

I love nails! I love nails! I love nails!
That being said I have tried so many topcoats that I’ve lost track. Recently though I needed a new topcoat because I couldn’t find mine. I was at Publix and decided to try and glanced over to see this ORLY Sec ‘N Dry Topcoat. It was $6 so I almost didn’t get it, but convinced myself to give it a try. I had never tried Orly topcoat before. I have a few polished from them that I really like, so I took that chance.
I’m glad I did! This is my new favorite topcoat! It dried my nails super fast and they didn’t chip either! The best part is I used two full coats of polish and this topcoat died them amazing! It really did dry them ‘faster than a speeding bullet!’

You just apply one coat and it leaves your nails dry and shiny! Two of my favorite things when it comes to nails! I even tried a ‘non’ ORLY nail polish and it still worked just as amazing! Because I don’t always use a topcoat with the same brand as my polish! See more on my INSTA: @HeyitsCarlyRae

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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