Simply Spellbound Sprinkle

I’ve had so many messages today about my highlighter today. Well first of all it’s a highlighter mixed in with the new Tarte Spellbound Spinkle!
I first used the Kylie Cosmetics Banana Split KyliLighter! It’s a thicker highlighter that I brush on on top of my cheekbones. Next, I used the new Spellbound Sprinkle by Tarte. A little goes a LONG way. I applied the shimmer onto my short blush brush and lightly went over the highlighter on both cheeks. I didn’t have to reapply it at all!
I wore this on my Easter makeup look yesterday and the shimmer really does last all day without any primer needed. It helps to apply it directly over your highlighter because it adds a soft shimmer touch. As you guys know I love glitters and shimmers and this is perfect for complete today’s Sunshine Shimmer makeup look.
The mix of the KyliLighter in Banana Split and the Tarte Spellbound shimmer really adds a soft sunshine touch my cheeks and gives me a fun summer glow. This is definitely a product I recommend checking out. The shimmer is only $15 and will last for months. The Kylighter is also awesome to get if you love a matte highlighter for your makeup look!
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  1. What a pretty color on you!

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