Wood Tile Renovation

Wood Tile Renovation

Wood Tile Renovation I can’t say enough about wood floor tile. I love the one I picked out from Ashford. It is a porcelain tile, which is stronger then ceramic tile and is made in the USA. The rooms are coming along and it is an amazing transformation. If I did not know it I would swear the wood tile I chose looks like real wood.

The best part is it will stand up to kids, dogs, and I can clean it with soap and water without ruining it. Another reason the tile is turning out so well is I have a very experienced tile company doing the work. I really believe you have to know how to measure, place, and grout wood tile for its success of making your room look absolutely beautiful!

I used P&Z Tile Co. Inc. based in Jacksonville, Florida. Herb Zimmerman, and his crew are top of the line professionals that make the project look easy and have years of experience.  Next week I will reveal to you how amazing the rooms look completed and you can see how real wood tile looks!
In conclusion this renovation will take your oridinary home to extraordinary. The wood tiles are sturdy and make any room feel larger. Because of this I definitely recommend doing this renovation in your home.

Tamara, Founder

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