Leap of Faith

I got inspired today seeing more of our new jewelry collection coming in. If you were a fan of my former Gbeads you will be thrilled at my new line called Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company by Original Piece. Unlike our glass Gbead bracelets the Fourth Dimension line offers only authentic stones from all over the world.
All the stones selected for our jewelry have a special meaning that is designed to enhance your faith and bring your journey with God closer to you. Every bracelet still has our signature olive wood from Bethlehem and is offered in Women’s and Men’s designs and children’s bracelets are available through special order. You will fall in love in love with Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company by Original Piece because that is where Gods love for you begins.
Leap of Faith is a bracelet that I designed from Lava rock and turquoise to remind all of us that we must allow our problems with our careers, jobs, finance, health and ALL of our dreams to be placed in God’s hands. He will take care of what you need in His time.
You, knowing that He can do all things makes Him very happy. We are not to take on these big problems that weigh us down, but to ask for Gods help. Living in His Glory is the way you were intended to live. Take the leap of faith in your own heart and watch the super extraordinary happen. Make the impossible turn into the possible with a simple Leap of Faith.
‘For we walk by faith, not by sight.’ -2 Corinthians 5:7

Tamara, Founder

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