Just a Vera Girl, Living in a Vera World

As most of my instagram followers know, I absolutely LOVE Vera Bradley! I am one of the ambassadors to their brand and I absolutely love all of their products they have. I am a huge fan of their purse line. I was so excited when they decided to launch a line of handbags.
Anytime I travel I always bring a Vera Bradley with me. It’s easy to transport and I fit a ton of stuff in my Vera bag.
I have to tell you Vera Bradley is an amazing company to work with. They are always so friendly and they always like and take note of your posts. Anytime they send me a new product to feature it is always packaged in a nice box and wrapped with presents inside. One time I got a custom Vera Bradley cookie and jewelry from their jewelry line.
Their jewelry line is amazing too. The pieces are lightweight and go with just about anything and everything I have! Above is a photo with my favorite Vera Bradley’s I’ve featured. All their products are amazing, I could never just pick one!
Are you a Vera girl, living in a Vera world? You know I am!! See more on my INSTA: @HeyitsCarlyRae
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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