Find Your Balance

One of my favorite fitness routines to do is yoga. I usually do a yoga session at sunset time because it’s when I get off work. I usually do yoga on days I’m not doing cardio training on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

I used to do cheerleading and dance so doing yoga is a fun change up in my fitness routine. A lot of my followers always write in asking me if I find it relaxing and I do. When you finally accomplish that one yoga pose you’ve been working on you feel awesome.
It really calms your nerves after a stressful day and makes you refocus your energy on something positive. I love it because I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next task in the day. I admit some days after I do yoga I am really sore because you use muscles you don’t always use when doing cardio.
What’s your favorite yoga pose? I finally achieve this pose above!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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  1. Its awesome how a lot of people are moving towards Yoga 🙂 Meditation and yoga are food for my soul. Have you been to Rishikesh in India? It is the YOGA capital of the World and has number of ashrams for meditation and yoga.
    Read my blog on it here –

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