Wet ‘n Wild At Any Age

You don’t have to be a teenager to be Wet ‘n Wild. I have been using Wet ‘n Wild eyeshadows forever. Every once in a while I love the color of the eyeshadow palettes and this Spring Collection is no exception. It is call Spring Season in a Bpx and it this their limited edition colors to kick off this Spring’s trending colors.

Wet ‘n Wild has always been a favorite for me because I can wear the trendy colors and not have my shadow irritate my eyelids. Some of the drugstore and department store eyeshadow brands can burn my lids but Wet ‘n Wild never has. The colors stay on too and do not fade throughout the day. Wet ‘n Wild is my favorite “fun” make-up brand and I don’t care if I am older I am still going to buy it and make myself feel young and look young too. It is my Girly Girl make-up brand.

My eyeshadow palette is called ‘Will You Marina’ Me and it has matte and shimmer shadows for $2.99!  The Lip Gloss Heart Palette has 16 little heart pods to customize your lip color for just $5.99!

Wet ‘n Wild is fun, great quality, and so affordable XOXO

Available at CVS.
Tamara, Founder

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