How I did my Easter Nails

It’s {almost} Easter and that means it’s time for Easter nails. I found this inspiration for my Easter nails with a pin from Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I decided to do acrylic nails on myself and pulled out my pink Belle Nail Polisher.

I used the acrylic powder from Sally’s Beauty Supplies by ASP and used the Bonding acrylic liquid by the same brand. I used the acrylic powder in white this time and it was easier for me to use because I could actually see the acrylic powder so I could file it smooth on my nails. Plus, with it being really white the polish showed up wen better on my nails. I didn’t have to do two coats.

I first applied my ‘tips’ from Sally’s that and filled them according to the length I wanted. I made sure to shape them before applying the acrylic.
It took about 45 minutes for me to apply the tips and then the acrylic. The smell of the acrylic is really intense so warning on that. When I do my acrylic though I don’t file my really nail on the tip of my nails. That way my nails aren’t damaged when I take them off and they are easy to remove. I don’t like acrylic nails on for a long period of time so this is a fun way to do new nail designs every few days!
Above I did an accent nails in the Easter egg design and of course I have an accent nail with sparkles. They are the square shape too! I use China Glaze: Boho Blues and Essie Polish: Cute As A Button. The design only took a few minutes and I applied an Essie Gel top coat to set the polish in place. I use two coats too!

COMMENT below and let me know what you think of this nail design I did! From start to finish!
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