Real Techniques by Sam and Nic (Eyes: Enhanced Eye Brush Set)

I have been looking at Real Techniques brushes for about a year now, but choose not to purchase the brushes, because I have large make-up brush collection. A few weeks ago I was on Pinterest, and I saw a homemade make-up cleaning system using vinegar and dish soap. I decided to give this homemade system a try and clean my brushes. My brushes came out make-up free and super clean; however, I was unable to get the smell of vinegar out of my make-up brushes! Let just say trying to put on your morning makeup, while smelling vinegar is not the most relaxing experience! I tried re-rinsing the brushes with baby soap, but the smell would not come out!!!
This led me to make the decision to buy new make-up brushes. I discovered the Real Techniques Brushes! I am SO GLAD I ruined my make-up brushes, because I did not realize how important and how much a difference make-up brushes can make in application until I tried Real Technique. The brushes helped me achieve the Instagram and Pinterest looks. In addition, Sam & Nic of Real Techniques have a YouTube Channel with video tutorials on how to use the brushes and achieve different looks! The videos are fun (I love their accent 🙂 and straight to the point. The the tips and tricks they share are easy to follow and work! For the the eye brush set above I paid $19.99 for five brushes and a brush holder- a very affordable beauty investment. Needless to say, I am very impressed with Real Technique Brand.
Here is a link to their Youtube Channel:

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