You Are Not Alone

I don’t often write about my faith and what it means to me not because I am ashamed or I don’t have many  stories to share. I always stop short, because I did not go to school in theology. I went to school for a business degree then a fashion degree. I always thought you needed to have a degree to be knowledgeable and good at what you do. For some reason, I have always felt if someone had an education in theology, it was more legitimate in teaching the Bible and explaining about God, especially if you are sharing it with others.  WRONG! God does not care if you have a degree or not. A degree in any profession is great, but God is not a profession.
In the scheme of things I do not know anything about the Bible. I cannot recite the Bible. I do not know all the passages in the Bible. I do not know how to always interpret the Bible.

 I do know that everything I need to know is in the Bible and everything I do know is from my Holy Spirit and my Holy Spirit is my teacher and my guide that already knows everything in the Bible. I believe, we are born with the knowledge to have our Spirit guide us through life.  It is our humanly responsibility to obtain the knowledge that God breathed and provided for us in the Bible. It is a life long journey and once you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit you will have the time of your life staying close to King Jesus and true to God to do all things good. Knowing you are not alone and you have the Holy Spirit in your heart, you learn how far your faith can take you through life’s amazing ups and downs. I can promise it makes life worth living.

I designed my faith bracelet ‘Living Water’ from a holographic blue quartz and opal with these thoughts in mind, so when I wear my bracelet I am guided by the best teacher in the world!

Available in store and online April 4. 

Tamara, Founder

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  1. I loved what you had to say and enjoyed reading this! I would like to read more likes these from you! The bracelets are so pretty! You did a good job designing them

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