Sunscreen Favorites

If you live in Florida or are coming to Florida for vacation and you enjoy the sunshine state weather  and beaches sunscreen is so important and necessary. It has taken me along time to find my favorite sunscreens to use for my wholefamily. Banana Boat Sport Performance or Target’s Sport with SPF 30 pass the test with my boys. However, you must re-apply, one spray down is not enough if you are out in the sun all day especially if your kids are in and out of the water like mine.
For the baby I like Aveeno Baby continuous protection with SPF 55 because it is gentle for her skin, again I reapply her lotion if she is in and out of the water.

I personally spray the Sport sunscreen on myself and use the Aveeno Baby sunscreen on my face when we are at the beach.

The beach is great fun only if you stay protected with the right sunscreen.

-Gina, Writer and Contributor

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