Through the Storm

A little secret shooting location in South Florida where limestone rocks cover the beach, that is one of my favorite shooting locations in South Florida. There is so much to shoot at anytime of day. This was actually shot in the middle of the day, when the lighting is at its worst, but thankfully it was overcast.
I was with my grandpa when I shot this photo and many others. I had been wanting to shoot at this location for over a year. I finally got an opportunity to go and my grandpa took me. As I was shooting, we saw that a big storm was coming across the ocean right at as, we saw the rain pouring over the ocean. But as we stood there we watched the storm moved around us as the rain poured down miles head of us. It was a magical moment and a blessed day to watch God work and give us signs and wonders or just to let us know that He was with us.

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