Birchbox for Men

I have had a Birchbox subscription for myself for a few years and have always looked forward to getting that little something in the mail. I was having trouble figuring out what to get my husband for his birthday this year. We are saving up to buy a house at the end of this year so I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift. I was really worried about what to get him and then I my monthly Birchbox came in the mail and then I knew what to get my husband!

He likes new grooming products to try but never really knows what to buy, where to buy it or what to try.  A subscription gift box for only $10 a month was the perfect gift and so economical!
When my husband’s monthly Birchbox came in the mail I was so impressed and I was happy that he really liked it! I actually am jealous because it is nicer then the women’s Birchbox kits. He not only got grooming products but trinkets too, money clip, note pad, and necktie!

We are thrilled with his subscription box and looked forward to next months selections. I would highly recommend signing your guy up for one they will love it as much as you love yours!

-Sandra B. OGP

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