Soap and Glory

Soap & Glory is a really fun brand with great quality products. The first thing you notice with Soap And Glory is the packaging!  It is the girly of girly fun make-up line!
I have always been a vintage buff so this line is right up my ally. All their pictures and packaging are old-fashion which is why you remember it every time you see it on the beauty shelves.

I decided to try the Flake Away and Smoothie Star Body Buttercream. I used the Flake Away scrub which exfoliates your skin with sea salt, sugar, and peach seed powder mixed with Shea butter. It works amazingly and has Soap and Glory’s Original Pink scent which smells great.
Afterwards, I finished up with my skin the Smoothie Star Body ButterCream. The cream had lots of moisture and soaked into my skin without leaving me sticky. The smell is amazing too with their 5-Oil which contains cocoa butter, pistachio, and almond oil
I am going to be trying more of their products because what I picked out was amazing! I got my Soap and Glory products at Walgreen’sf for $15.00 each. Walgreen’s has a deal right now that if you buy 2 Soap and Glory products you get the 3rd free until March 18!
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

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