How Olly Vitamins Has Helped my Son with ADHD

OLLY Vitamins

My youngest son, Hudson suffers from ADHD. It has been a struggle to get him diagnosed and when he did get diagnosed the help for him was either hard to get or not available. I homeschool so there has never been a call to order for any medicine to help him concentrate because doctors viewed it as my problem to deal with. When I did change pediatricians she did put him on medicine to help him concentrate, but the side effects were more then I could bare. I would rather have him running through the stores and riding his scooter in the house at 100 miles an hour then watch him loose weight that he already doesn’t have or see his hair falling out.
I have researched on ADHD for along time and do believe in good nutrition, however, Hudson is such a picky eater it is impossible to get the right nutrients that could help his ADHD symptoms. Studies show that children and adults who have ADHD maybe lacking in some nutrients. Through my research I have read how Omega 3 and probiotics can help relieve some ADHD symptoms. I have bought vitamins and probiotics for him lots of times and he either does not like the taste or they do nothing to help his symptoms.

 At Target I kept noticing a new vitamin brand called OLLY. I noticed it because of the great packaging and square bottle. One day not to long ago I was at Target and yelling for Hudson and frazzled trying to get him to stay by me and I was going to cut my Target trip short and head to check out. I again happened to notice the OLLY vitamins at the end of the vitamin aisle and there was one for kids and it included probiotics. I grabbed it without even stopping, threw the vitamins in my cart, and kept chasing after Hudson. I had no expectations that these new vitamins would actually work but I had nothing to loose.

Guess What!
He loves the taste of his Kids’ Multi + probiotics OLLY vitamins. After about a month of taking his OLLY multi vitamins + probiotics I have noticed a big change in Hudson. He is much better at school and is calmer. I have recently added the OLLY Kids’ Super Brainy with Omega 3 vitamins, which in the past has been an impossible vitamin for me to get him to take because of the taste but he likes the OLLY brand!
I have noticed a positive change in Hudson. I do believe he getting the nutrients he has been lacking through a good quality vitamin that tastes good, even for the picky eaters. I hope his ADHD symptoms get less and less and it only gets better for him.
How simple the cure may be for him and me? Finally a vitamin that delivers what it promises!  Available at Target starting at $13.99 per bottle.

Tamara, Founder 

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